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Herons Park Waters

Long pits at Dungeness

Day tickets can be purchased on the bank, Seniors £10. Concessionary £7. Juniors £5.
Also tickets can be purchased in advance from Romney Angling. New Romney High St Kent. TN28 8AH. 01797 362889

Please note the closed season applies to this water
15th March to 15th June inclusive.

                                                             Whitehall ponds

                                                       Entrance opposite Lydd Golf Club on the B2075 Romney Rd




1) SUBSCRIPTIONS - APPLICABLE TO CLUBS WHICH JOIN THE RFA. All classes of Membership are chargeable, whether or not the club itself charges (eg. in some cases, Senior Citizens are not charged within clubs; but they are within the R.F.A.) Each angler who is a member of each club must have an RFA sticker attached to their club card. Under 12s may have a sticker at no charge. Renewals of Membership are to be sent direct to the Membership Officer, who in return will send stickers to affix to cards. Cheque to be sent with request for stickers. The R.F.A. does not currently provide for individual Membership EXCEPT DAY TICKETS AT BLACKWALL BRIDGE AND ON THE ROYAL MILITARY CANAL AT RATES SET AT THE AGM. All Member clubs will be sent TWO ‘complimentary tickets’ which they may issue to those they see fit, eg. to allow guests access to R.F.A. waters. There is no charge for this.

2) DAY TICKETS - FOR INDIVIDUALS WHO WISH TO FISH RFA WATERS. The R.F.A. has two waters on which day tickets are sold; Blackwall Bridge and the Royal Military Canal. These are available from the ‘Tackle and Gun Shop’ in Tenterden. On the canal, tickets are also sold on the bank. Green (usually) signs indicate R.F.A. waters. At all approaches to our waters, there are signs so that anglers can easily see where they may fish.

3) MEETINGS - OPEN TO MEMBER CLUBS ONLY. All Member clubs may send two delegates to meetings; dates / times / locations as notified (presently we use the White Hart Pub in Newenden, Wednesdays, three times per year.) One vote per Member club. The Meetings agreed are combined with Rother Catchment Consultative meetings. In January of each year we also now have a Match Booking Meeting, where clubs can book match venues for the coming season.

4) COMPETITIONS: Various sections of water are bookable, both by Member and other clubs. For details, contact the Tackle and Gun Shop in Tenterden (Mr. G. Parry) on 01580 764851. There are two trophies which Member clubs can compete for: i) the ‘Rother Trophy’ - contact Mr. Parry for details and ii) the ‘Specimen Fish Trophy’ - if one of your Members catches a good fish, and details are forwarded to the Secretary (Mr. V. Gould) he will judge the entries and whichever is judged the best will be awarded the trophy to be held until the end of December in that year.

5) CLOSE SEASON: The traditional Close Season of March 15th - June 15th. inclusive applies to ALL R.F.A. waters.

6) WATERS: The R.F.A. has about 7 miles of fishing on the River Rother and about six miles double - bank fishing on the Royal Military Canal between Iden Lock and Appledore. In total, about 1100 typical ‘swims’.

The details below refer to the R.F.A. waters from the downstream end, working up river from each point of access. O. S. Refs. refer to 1:50000 Landranger Series map 199 ‘Eastbourne and Hastings.’

a) Blackwall Bridge - O.S. Refs. 885 258 to 873 276. 2300 in total: 1900 yards right hand bank upstream and also about 400 yards downbstream, left hand bank (commencing about 300 yards down) access via gates near to Blackwall North pumping station on Peasmarsh - Wittersham road. Broad, open, previously dredged river. Very popular. Parking no problem. There are about 80 swims on the Rother here and, where it joins the Potmans Heath Channel, there are another 40 or so. On the lower reach, Ham Green, about 25 swims are available.

b) Newenden - O.S. Refs. 836 272 to 839 274; (on A28 Tenterden - Northiam Road) about 650 yards left hand bank downstream (starting next to J. Bourne’s Yard) from 832 272 to 838 274. Very limited parking in Lossenham Lane (foot access is best) or in the small car park opposite John Bourne’s yard on the main road. Parking - in White Hart Pub car park (near to river side) by agreement with publican – see him first.

c) Bodiam Bridge, downstream (right hand bank, field opposite castle only) and upstream (right hand bank) through to Udiam Bridge from O.S. Ref. 783 254 to 772 243. (About 40 yards excluded; below Castle Inn garden.) Parking now difficult on roadside.

d) Udiam Bridge, on A229 Maidstone - Hastings road; downstream left hand bank (meets section as above from Bodiam) and upstream right hand bank from O.S. Ref.771 244 to Salehurst Footbridge 751 238. By now, river is smaller, meanders strongly. Weir here. Difficult parking.

e) Salehurst Church and footbridge, O.S. Ref. 751 238. Downstream (left - hand bank; meets water upstream of Udiam) and upstream right - hand bank to Robertsbridge O.S. Ref. 738 241. Access off of Robertsbridge by-pass (A21)both to Salehurst and Robertsbridge.Parking at Salehurst by church, but can be difficult. ‘Small river fishing.’ Small weir at footbridge.

f) Robertsbridge O.S. Ref. 738 241 - meets water upstream of Salehurst. Left - hand bank downstream. Parking no problem. Altogether, about 6000 yards of river down to Bodiam.

ROYAL MILITARY CANAL: Both banks from Appledore Dam (O.S. Sheet 189 Ashford & Romney Marsh Area) Ref. 953 285 to Iden Lock (confluence with River Rother) 936 245. Approx. 3 miles both banks. Parking & access from lay - byes; access only (no parking) to ‘field’ bank from Appledore Dam farm & Stone Bridge & Iden Lock. 25 yards wide, 3 - 6 feet deep. Hard in winter when levels are dropped very low for flood defence reasons. Also, until further notice, we have a water share arrangement with Billericay & DAS on their stretch of the River Stour in Suffolk, at Henny Street. Access via 5-bar gate across field from lane, and at the weir, about 400 yards upstream, 800 yards downstream. A bit like the upper Medway but the only RFA water with Zander.


River Rother. Robertsbridge to Bodiam: about three miles of small stream fishing: narrow, fast flowing, some deeper pools. Some dense weed beds. EA survey work shows presence of species including Sea-Trout, Brown Trout, Dace, Chub, Gudgeon, Roach, Minnow, Eel, Perch, Pike. Banks can be quite dense in summer so ideally suited to roving fishing.

Bodiam to Newenden: the water becomes wider and opens out within a wide flood defence channel. The above species are found, though with more Roach than Chub / Dace, now and also some Bream and occasional Tench. Not so many trees: the river has been heavily modified. A very good water for pike.

Blackwall Bridge: the river is now wide and deep, almost like a Fenland river. Day tickets available, and over 100 swims available up to and including Potman’s Heath Channel (shallower, more liles.)

Royal Military Canal, Iden Lock top Appledore Dam. Most popular at Iden Lock. Good winter pike fishing (5 x 20 pound plus fish caught in the first week of December 2017). Weedy in summer, worth using a weed cutter before fishing. Accessible most easily from the bends in the canal on the road side. All typical coarse fish present. In winter, levels are lowered to stop flooding. Rules

1) Only those possessing a current RFA Member club Membership card with RFA sticker attached, or who hold a current RFA Complimentary Permit, or who have (where appropriate) purchased a day ticket, or who are members of authorised visiting clubs, or who have other authorisation given by the RFA may enter onto and / or fish RFA properties and waters.

2) Any RFA Member or riparian owner may demand sight of any angler’s permit to fish RFA waters.
3) Angling shall be by rod (maximum two) and line only using bait, fly or lure. No nets or other devices (except for landing and keep nets used in conjunction with fishing rods) shall be used, and for disease control purposes, no live fish to be used as bait.

4) Any persons fishing must hold a current EA Licence to Fish and will obey all EA or RFA Bye - Laws and other regulations as may be applied.

5) In any one day, no more than two sizeable game fish may be retained per angler. All other fish must be returned alive to the water.
6) Night fishing is prohibited unless with the express written permission of the RFA or relevant riparian owner.

7) Visiting and Member clubs must hold public liability insurance to indemnify the RFA against any and all costs or other liabilities which might result.

8) Access to RFA waters shall be by way of authorised gates and paths only. Any person trespassing onto adjoining fields or other property will be banned from further access to RFA waters.

9) The ‘Country Code’ must be observed at all times, and in particular: i) No gates to be left open or unfastened; ii) Livestock not to be harassed or otherwise interfered with; iii) No bait to be dug for in adjoining fields or banks; iv) No damage to be caused to any fence, hedge, noticeboard, bank or other structure; v) No fire to be lit; vi) No dog to be brought onto RFA waters and properties; vii) No firearm, trap or other snare to be carried or used; viii) No game to be interfered with or otherwise damaged; ix) No tent, camp, ‘bivvy’ or similar structure to be pitched; x) No vehicle to be parked on or driven onto any bank or adjoining field, or in any way which might cause an obstruction; xi) No litter or rubbish to be left; xii) No radio, tape recorder or other similar noisy appliance to be used; xiii) No gaff to be used; xiv) No commitment of any act which might in any way prejudice any rights held by the RFA, or which might bring disrepute upon the RFA;

10) The Committee of the RFA shall have the right to ban or expel any person or Member club or other organisation if in its judgement there is a breach of the Rules. Before exercising this right the Committee shall enquire into the case and the person or persons concerned shall be given the opportunity to defend or justify their actions by appearing before the Committee. Any decision then made by the Committee concerning any such matter shall be by simple majority vote, Chairman to have the casting vote. Any decision then resulting shall be final.

Reference the fishing at Newenden on what was the ‘new’ stretch (from about half way along Lossenham Lane, at the small brick-built pump house by the old rusty farm gate and then LEFTWARDS towards (and past) the sewage works.
The RFA’s fishing rights on this water CEASE from September 30th. 2021 ie from 1st. October onwards the RFA does not have fishing rights.
Please ensure that ALL your members are aware of the cessation of general RFA fishing rights there EXCEPT that the new owner has very kindly agreed to permit controlled and limited angling strictly under the terms as shown below.
In other words, if any of your members do wish to fish this water, they MUST and WITHOUT EXCEPTION follow the requirements set out by Kelly in the e-mail text following, and that means requesting pertmission to fish PRIOR to accessing the water.
If any RFA Member fails to adhere to the terms set out below then don’t be surprised if access to all RFA anglers is then refused so please ensure that everyone does the right thing, and that is to ask permission FIRST and NOT fish there UNTIL that permission is granted.
To my mind, that means requesting permission with some notice, and I would suggest a couple of days. It does mean that RFA members cannot just make a spur-of-the-moment decision to fish at Newenden downstream: if they do, they must fish the SELMES water adjacent and upstream - angling to the RIGHT of the brick building and upstream to the cricket field is unaffected and remains open to all as in the past, shown by the RFA signage. This is what Kelly has said: We will allow current RFA members to fish, if they contact me on below number or email me, we will reserve the right to withdraw this offer at anytime.
Kind regards, Kelly Crush Head Water Bailiff – Lossenham Farm Email: kelly@thorsonsfarmsltd.com Telephone: 01227 949842